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Do I have to name this??

July 28, 2008 4 comments

I know I really haven’t b5een6 as regular with updatin6g my b5log as I would have liked to b5e, b5ut I don6’t have that man6y readers so I don6’t thin6k it really matters. If you’re won6derin6g why there are 5’s an6d 6’s in6 places where they don6’t b5elon6g in6 this post, it’s b5ecause everytime I press the ‘B’ key (without the shift) a 5 appears after it, a 6 comes after the ‘N’ key an6d the down6 arrow deletes stuff. Yeah my keyb5oards gon6e crazy all of a sudden6, b5ut it should get b5etter soon6. At least it gave me somethin6g to write about though 😛 I will make sure there aren6’t an6y 5’s an6d 6’s where they don6’t belon6g after this para of course, but I thought you guys might like to see how wierd it is which is why I left it in6 the startin6g para.

Anyway, (notice I’ve removed the 6’s 😛 ) I’ve had this idea for a story bouncing around my head for a couple of days, and I’ve figured out the start and the end, but the middle still eludes me, so it’ll be a little longer before I can write it out. Oooh my keyboard is back to normal again 😛 Right so like I was saying, I’ll have a new story up by the end of the week.

And now since I am really proud of the work I did on these, I wanted to show them off :

Renault Tag


Ferrari Tag

McLaren Tag

And if you read this leave me a comment!! Pretty please 😛

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Still sleepy

July 1, 2008 Leave a comment

See something really funny happened since I started this blog. I really didn’t have insomnia all the time, only when I overslept or had one of those nights when you just can’t fall asleep (everyone has those). But since the day I started writing here, I haven’t been able to sleep peacefully at all! I mean I do fall asleep but its never the proper deep sleep that I like 😛 And somehow never more than 4 hours (Which is partially my fault for not sleeping early and partially the fact that I can no longer fall asleep before 1.30am).

Its more like I have light sleep cycles punctuated with irritating dreams that I can’t remember even two minutes after I wake up, but they still leave me with an annoyed feeling, which is instantly aggravated by the sound of my alarm and the realisation that once again, I should’ve (a) slept sooner (b) changed the alarm tone on my cell (c) not hit snooze 5 times and am most likely gonna be late for college! 😛

In any case, due to further lack of things to write I’ll leave you with some pictures 🙂

My dog Jerry the day we got him 🙂

Me and Jerry fighting for more picture space 😛

And a pic of Kimi Raikkonen that I edited in Photoshop to learn how to use a silhouette tutorial I found on the net 😛 Added some of my own effects too though 😀

Kimi Raikkonen silhouette

And the original

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July 1, 2008 1 comment

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Doesn’t Jerry loook cute! I just had to put up his pic here 😛

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Half and Half

July 1, 2008 3 comments

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Me and Jerry… Half and Half 😛

Hey what do you expect when you’re tryin to take a pic of you and your dog together and he just will not stay put 😛

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