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Whos walking who?

Well the other day I was taking my dog Jerry for a walk, and like always, Jerry was in a tearing hurry and wanted to run as fast as possible, dragging me along helplessly (well kinda) behind him. And while we were running, we almost knocked into a neighbor of mine, who after stroking Jerry asked me this seemingly simple, but yet somehow thought provoking question, “Are you walking him, or is he walking you??”

See cause now that I think about it, I wonder, am I the one in control most of the time or is it the dog? Because most people I know who have dogs, like me spoil them silly. We feed them whatever we eat, we pamper them, wake up and drop everything as soon as they have to go out, and when we’re out with them, if they stop we have to stop, if they move, they drag us along.

So whos the master and whos the pet. I suppose at the end of the day, we’re the ones who’re holding the leash. But then I think the leash they’ve put around our hearts (using their cute puppy dog eyes and tail wagging and cute acts) is way tighter and stronger than the ones we have around their necks 😛

In any case, here is little Jerry saying hi 😛


Yeah he’s definitely the one in charge 😛

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