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If You’re Happy

October 15, 2008 5 comments

It’s been ages since I actually wrote something, but exams really motivate you to do a ton of things, none of which include studying 😛 So here is my latest offering, it’s a poem called If You’re Happy. And yes, titles can be misleading 😛 Enjoy 🙂

If You’re Happy

If you’re happy, you won’t know it,

When you’re sad, you can’t show it,

You’re depressed and you feel lonely,

You think you’re dying slowly,

You feel the world is out to get you,

You wouldn’t if I hadn’t met you,

But you came into my life and turned it all upside down,

You made me feel like a princess,

But then you stole my crown.

And now I’m catching up to you, so baby, don’t you frown,

You knew I would come calling,

So come on, quit your stalling,

And try to be a man, once in your life.

If you’re happy, you won’t know it,

I’ll make sure that you can’t show it,

You’re depressed, you think you’re lonely,

But babe, I’m only killing you slowly.

And fortunately, there’s plenty life left in you

I’ll take my time, I’ll wear you down,

I’ll grind your hopes into the ground,

I’ll destroy you completely before I’m through.

Yeah you know I’m coming to get you soon,

Where you gonna hide cause there ain’t no shuttle to the moon.

You knew I would come calling,

So come on, quit your stalling,

And face me like a man, once in your life.

If you’re happy, you don’t look it,

If you are, well I’m over it,

Your breath just sounds so shallow,

Your eyes are sunk deep in their hollows,

You’re dying so very slowly,

No creature deserves a death so lowly,

But then no creature could ever compare to you.

Your chest heaves, you cough, you scream

But only I hear you breathe your last,

And watch you slip into an unending dream

Of the days, the nights, the life, that past,

The glorious days, the steamy nights,

The stolen kisses, the freakish frights,

The torture that was your last fortnight.

Yeah now that I think about it,

You probably were happy,

But I no longer care, as you can see.


Sunglasses – Tweaked

October 9, 2008 3 comments

So I did eventually end up working on the colours a bit more. My final submission 🙂

And heres to John Lennon, born today some 68 years ago, he was probably one of the greatest musicians the world has ever or will ever see, at least I think so 😛 And hopefully he will still be singing, writing and spreading peace, where ever he is now 🙂

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October 5, 2008 1 comment

This is something I wanted to do for a long time but only recently had the incentive to get to work on. I’m using it as the subject for my final photoshop matte painting exam, but it’s also a tribute to one of the most amazing singers ever. So heres to John Lennon 🙂 It’s also kind of a good time for me to put this up since his bday is coming up on the 9th.

Tribute to John Lennon

Tribute to John Lennon