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I Hate Giving Posts Titles

June 28, 2009 Leave a comment

So as usual it’s been ages since I’ve last posted something here. Thats probably the reason I took so long before I actually started my own blog.

Anyway I figured I may as well just post today. Not that I really have anything in particular to say 😛 I’ve had a relatively boring week. The first half was pretty routine, College, MAAC, home, nothing special really.

Then came Friday. I was running late as it is, and it was raining. Windcheaters have to be the most useless form of protection against the rain cause even with mine on, I was wet. Even my top which was under the windcheater. My jeans were soaked through… Though that was partially cause when I was about 2 mins from the station and not tottaly drenched, this crazy man walking past me kicks water onto me and then runs off… And trains always get messed up on the first heavy-ish day of the rains so I figured, may as well take a fast train. Instead of taking the usual 12-15 minutes, it takes 50 mins, since it moves slowly for 2 mins, stops for 10. Highly annoying 😛 Add that to the fact that you’re drenched, standing up and have crazy women nudging you in the ribs, its not a lot of fun.

So eventually I reach college and enter my first lecture 5 minutes before it finishes and see none of my friends in class. Turns out they all skipped it and were hanging out in the canteen planning to go for a movie which we end up watching by bunking the remaining 3 lectures 😛 We went to Sterling for ‘The Hangover’. Its probably one of the funniest movies I have ever seen 😀 And they actually shot it without any retakes which is truly truly shocking!! And awesome 😀

So eventually we all have to head back to college for an honours lecture and end up getting even more wet. The lecture gets cancelled because the two major geeks in our class didn’t stay back for it 😛 So I get to head home, have a nice hot bath and relax.

I love the rains 🙂 They just make everything seem so much nicer. All the buildings look cleaner, the trees and plants look fresher, the dog goes hyper 😛 And who doesn’t like just taking a walk in the rains and finally coming home and having somethin hot to eat. Its just heaven 🙂
And I think I’ve babbled enough for one afternoon. I’ll probably be doing more of this from now on 😛

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