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August 17, 2008 1 comment

I know change is a kinda cliched subject to write on, but I think at some point in your life, you suddenly realize just how much has changed around you. So when did it finally strike me… As far as I can tell it was in the train on my way home a couple of days ago.

I remember around the same time last year, it was raining and I was leaning out of the train, just like I was doing two days ago. So in any case at that point last year there stood a dilapidated set of buildings that consisted the ‘Wallace Shaw Flour Mills’ somewhere in between Byculla and Sandhurst road stations. Staring at that building in the middle of the pouring rain was the inspiration to one of my stories called Wallace. Now, to my utter dismay, the mills have been torn down and are soon to be replaced by some ‘International’ School. It kinda makes me sad.

Alright so getting back to change, well there seems to be a lot of it around me right now. And the change is so sudden sometimes, sometimes its so small you don’t even really notice it. My brother going abroad to study is a major change. It’s not until you’re alone in the room you shared watching Supernatural late at night and getting kinda spooked that you realize how big a difference not having just one person around makes.

And then there’s friends. I’m in my first year of senior college. And my old friends are with me, in the same place but I still only meet them once a week, if I’m lucky that is. And well new friends are just that, new 😛

And of course there’s love. I met this old classmate of mine yesterday. Till the last time I met her (which was maybe 5 months ago) she and her boyfriend had been inseparable. Now, they’re barely even friends. And it’s funny how easy love can change. Another couple I know broke up, made up, broke up and made up again in the span of 2 hours 😛 Sure it sounds funny now, but getting caught up in that situation when it actually happened was such a pain. People should note here: Don’t get caught up with couples where both the guy and girl are your friends… It’s a pain 😛

But change isn’t necessarily all that bad. I mean my rooms getting painted, which looks pretty good, and the furniture is being shifted around. Plus I’ve gotten rid of a ton of old junk. And don’t we all just love the feeling that we get when we see a nice clean shelf 😛

So heres to change, good and bad. Because without it we wouldn’t realize just how good we’ve got it 🙂

And last but not least, I decided to put up Wallace as well. So I hope you guys enjoyed my random ramblings and go read Wallace. It’s much more interesting 😛

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