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Eternal Insomnia

June 24, 2008 4 comments

Eternal Insomnia is possibly one of the best descriptions I can think up for my life at this time. If you go by it’s definition, Insomnia means the inability to have sufficient sleep; sufficient being the key word in my case. My life spirals between either sleeping too little during college, or sleeping too much during the holidays, the latter being my current situation. Now sleeping too much doesn’t seem so bad until one day when you’ve slept in till 11 A.M. , napped in the afternoon and now at a quarter past three, you realise that you’ve been in your bed for the past two hours and you’re still not asleep!

Talk about the irony… No sleep = insomnia;

Too much sleep also = insomnia!!

The only thing I do like about no being able to sleep, is it always manages to get me thinking about something or the other that I would not normally think about 😛 And that really helps my creative side. That very thought got me thinking and I figure that if it helps me think differently and find things to write about, I honestly don’t mind being an insomniac forever. So thereby insomnia for me becomes a metaphor for me being creative 🙂

And now seeing as my poor mother just yelled at me for turning on the lights and disturbing everyone; and my little dog Jerry has been pacing up and down between rooms since I started writing, I’ll bid you all a good nights sleep; as I myself return to tossing and turning under the sheets, thinking of things I will never think of at another time or place. I also leave you with the story that came to me through random sleepless thoughts 😛

Hope to see you again


The Eternal Insomniac… Hopefully 😛