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June 24, 2008 1 comment

For the hundredth time that night, he flipped over onto his back. It was quite a hot night and he felt the sweat dripping down every niche and crevice of his body. But he was sure it wasn’t all because of the heat. The thin sheet that he had covered himself with was not entwined between his legs, under his back and around his neck, almost cutting of his air supply. He felt suffocated, even though he occasionally felt a light breeze drift through the window. While disentangling himself from the sheets, he made as little noise as possible, trying his hardest not to wake his wife who lay dreaming peacefully beside him. It was only for her sake that he maintained the farce of sleeping, the charade of normalcy in his otherwise chaotic life. It was only for her that he climbed into bed each night, kissed her good night, and watched as she drifted off into her happy world of dreams. For three months before they were married, he spent every night up awake at his desk. Now he lay alone in bed with her, afraid to close his eyes, afraid to fall asleep.

Which was exactly what had happened that night, exactly what he had tried so hard to avoid. Months without sleep however took their toll and his eyes shut slowly, as he drifted off helplessly into a perilous dream. And he dreamt… The very dream that had haunted him in his sleep six months ago, the very dream that passed through his day dreams occasionally. The dream that had haunted him for months, through days and nights, shocking him, terrifying him, driving him nearly out of his own mind. He was lucky that night though, he had woken up just in time. Just before his body died, or tried to kill itself to escape that horrendous dream, the dream that would keep him awake for what seemed like forever. But forever soon passed. He wasn’t as lucky that time…